Arslan Rafiq - Head of Market Research and Analysis

Arslan joined Pirate Capital after thriving at PriceWaterHouse Coopers, as a top analyst running our Market Research Department since 2018. As a Certified Accountant since 2010 from the United Kingdom, Under Arslan leadership the group provides the following services: 1- Business Plans; 2- Financial Models (excel); 3- Content Writing for your industry and Power Point Presentation based on real data fetched for our clients. 4- Feasibility Study and analysis for many industries. 5- Market research and in depth understanding. 6- Marketing plan and strategy in coordination with Michelle Hirsch our president’s marketing department. Arslan has a reputation of being meticulous strategist who balances both people and profits as barometers for success of our customers’ company. With various financial degrees in BBIT (Finance) and MBIT (Finance) along with certification from the Association of Certified Chartered Accounts (ACCA, UK), Arslan began his career at PriceWaterHouse Coopers, gaining invaluable insight from a top tier firm in the field of financial consultancy.
Arslan mastered the art of risk and credit analysis from his tenure at leading credit rating agency in the country. Being the visionary and charismatic personality that he is, Arslan embarked on a newer challenge, positioning himself as a young teammate and heading our market research group at Pirate Capital, establishing the business angle consultancy department within our group, data analysis, accounting and the likes. Pirate Capital has been instrumental in the launch of many successful ventures including private startups and public companies has shown prospective growth since inception. Arslan’s zeal and ambition to make a difference is a key component of the achievement of Pirate Capital and its clients. Arslan is fluent in English and Urdu/Hindi are maternal languages. Arslan is a certiefed accountant with many financial degrees and certifications: 1- ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Kings College 2010 U.K 2- BBIT (Finance) Mumbai University 2009 India 3- MBIT (Finance) Oxford University 2008 U.K

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