E. Michelle Hirsch – President

Ms. Hirsch is the President and founder of Pirate Capital, a new advisory group catering to the express need and growth of companies between the U.S. and Europe, she is an experienced NY self-made entrepreneur. She was the Chairman and co-Founder of American E Group a lending fund for small businesses and public companies who allowed small business to bridge loan short term capital, as well as a platform and real estate investment group. In 2014 -2015 she founded MOI, a beauty app platform that launched in NY in 2015 and successfully allowed for the booking online for all salon and beauty appointments and sold the technological platform to a large group not to be disclosed. Michelle is a self-made entrepreneur and learned social media marketing on her own time through trial and errors, as an experienced Hairdresser veteran and a licensed cosmetologist of 15 years in NYC, she knows what it takes to launch and grow a business from the ground up. She is a self-made entrepreneur and achieved success at her scale and within her industry and understand the lacks associated with small businesses, and what is needed to create a strong connection between providers and consumers B2C. E. Michelle understand the market reality and is respected by her peers and her solutions are geared toward providers’ needs and answers their specific concerns, with retention of existing client, marketing general strategy and how to reach new customers and data analytics for capital raise.

Prior to starting Pirate Capital. E. Michelle managed and owned a Hair and Makeup Salon business in New York Upper East Side from 2010 to 2016, where she honed her skills and managed customer satisfaction relations and services. Michelle’s experience allows her to understand human nature, she graduated as a cosmetologist license from the “Learning Institute of Beauty Sciences” in New York in 2001 and is a certified Bookkeeper and a successful Realtor in NY as well as a successful serial entrepreneur. American E group disbursed many short term loans and was a success as a bridge loan fund with high returns thanks to her ability to analyze the risks and the assets collaterized for each loan, she uses her aptitude on the buy side to help our customers tailor an attractive plan for capital raise.
Michelle speaks English Native, and Yiddish fluently as well as some German basic.

For a consultation contact us: info@piratecapital.co

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