Valerie V. Emanuel

Valerie V. Emanuel, Joined Pirate Capital as a visionary, with a “Do it all” attitude, she is on the Advisory Board Member to several start-up and early stage companies in the U.S with prospects for international opportunities, via the with relationships to Family Offices, Private Funds and Institutional Lenders, as well as Accredited Investment Profession (AIP Designation) certified by the ‘Adagio Institute’, Inc. who educates financial practitioners (licensed and unlicensed) on the shadow banking system she opens a network of possibilities and opportunities to our clients. Valerie manages the bank accounts of several clients of the group as their treasurer or secretary of the board and provide addresses for headquarters and offices in Florida for tax purposes. She brings a large network and insight to capital raise and leverage the intellectual capital of retired CEOs of temporary CFOs to assist current C-Suite management teams with growth strategies and other operational concerns, on demand, as well as identify key value added board seat commitments to integrate start-ups Board of Directors. Currently, organizing an advisory board and management team for the development of a $150M private equity fund for the purpose of raising capital, in a joint venture with Space Operations, Inc., to manufacture a commercial spacecraft(s) the ‘Eclipse’ also known as the Gemini which has a successful launch track record she is recognized as a key player in the fund capital raise and a member of its advisory board.
In a collaborative effort with C6 Capital, a NY based, family office, she deploys capital to companies with revenues between $10M and $50M USD. Many of the loans closed were for the purpose of M&A transactions in which C6 Capital provided interim loans up to $5M USD. Through Pirate Capital as Vice President of Business Strategy Valerie open doors and help strategize new alternative venues for capital raise or acquisitions within a collegial group of diverse experts among lawyers, Business analysts, bankers and auditors as well as creatives like script writers and producers. A public speaker on financial topics with capabilities to present on behalf of companies with investment proposals. Self-taught and various Professional Certifications gained while working in a corporate environment as a wall street paralegal and a connector as freelancer with emphasis on research and value add relationships. Email:

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