Wendy Culbertson – Attorney


Wendy Culbertson, Esq , joined the securities group as of counsel to Pirate Capital as an attorney licensed to practice law in the States of Arizona and Texas. She obtained her juris doctor degree within a couple years from Arizona Summit Law School in 2017 and currently completing a program in Legal Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT.

Prior to law school, she worked for Fortune 100 technology companies. With her role to anticipate and prevent risks, solve problems, negotiate service contracts, and to exceed any expectations. Wendy had the opportunity to work with different professionals in different parts of the world. Her performance was always stellar. Wendy left the corporate industry for law school because she wanted to help businesses produce great products that benefits the community and our economy while helping issuers navigating the regulatory fields.

Her legal practice is focused on transactional, business or corporate, securities, and blockchain. She is an experienced 144 A and Securities offerings attorney and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to assist entrepreneurs with structuring their entities, managing their assets (business and personal), sale their business or mergers and acquisitions, raise capital (from crowdfunding, private offering (Regulation D), to public offering), exercise creditor’s rights, and assist creative entrepreneurs in navigating the controversial blockchain industry. From time to time, she also assist individual(s) in immigration, real estate, employment, general dispute, bankruptcy, lending, and franchise matters. She is currently a volunteer attorney for the San Antonio Legal Services (in Texas) and a top advisor with Michelle Hirsch at Pirate Capital, hence, adding value to her clients nationwide.

Wendy is native Taiwanese and Mandarin and fluent in English as well. Her approach any work in a multifaceted manner, combining her cultural, business, legal, and technical knowledge. Wendy is a known team player, creative and ambitious, her aim is to help achieve our clients goal.

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